Incident Response in IT helps you manage and deal with cyberattacks or data breaches


Incident Response Plan

Our aim is to help you reduce damage and recover quickly after any potential data breach. Our team will work with you to investigate the nature of the incident, and help you ensure you are in the best position to prevent future incidents.

Any incident response plan is designed to help your management team respond efficiently to any type of external cybersecurity threats.

The incident response plan requires initial preparation, training, prompt identification of any threat, containment of said threat, removal of the virus and recovery of data to a secure point. A process is added to do a forensic investigation in to how any breach occurred in order to avoid a repeat incident.

Incident Responses or plans in IT and Cyber Security include threat monitoring, endpoint management, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing, otherwise referred to as ‘pen testing’.

The aim is to avoid any potential breach. And to be prepared to handle one if it should ever occur. Any such breach would also have lessons to teach, if it happened.


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Incident Reposnse FAQs

What exactly is Incident Response?

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How long does it take?

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Why do I need an Incident Response Plan ?

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