December-2019-Patch-Tuesday-UpdatePatch Tuesday Update

There have been 36 security releases involved in this Patch Tuesday update including 7 critical and 28 important updates affecting a range of Microsoft products including Windows, SQL Server, Hyper-V Server, Office and Office Services.

The company also made sure to remind users of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 that they’ll no longer be receiving updates after January 14 2020, and urged them to update any computers running these two operating systems to newer, supported versions.

As software products age, they eventually become tagged as ‘end-of-life’. This is a natural feature of software development which occurs when the use of the product is in decline. When software is declared as ‘end-of-life’ it no longer receives feature support or technical support. More importantly, however, is that all security support (patches, bug repair, etc.,) are suspended. The end result is that vulnerabilities will remain within that software, making it more susceptible to attack.

Have you applied your patches?